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Image result for above the influence Above the Influence. There might come a point when you ask yourself, who am I really? Am I being real? Am I still the kid my parents think I am? And more importantly, who do I want to be? The truth is, you’re a lot of things to a lot of people – you’re interesting like that. You can be one thing online and still be kind of different in person. You can be someone to look up to, and know what it feels like to get rejected. You can be righteous in your decisions and still slip up and make mistakes. But, with so many versions of yourself, it’s easy to forget the one thing that keeps you real – the pure-grade, original first edition of yourself. The point is when you reach the moment where you have to ask yourself, who am I really? Press pause. Hit reset. And remember, you’re Above the Influence.
P0kbT0-E_400x400 More than one in four children a year experiences bullying. I Am A Witness aims to stop bullying by activating the “silent majority” of kids who witness it each day, transforming them from passive bystanders into an active collective that speaks up against bullying. Now, taking a stand against it and showing support to someone in need can be as easy as a stroke of the keyboard.
RY-halo-logo-final_250w_cropped “To act as a resource for young people between the ages of 13-25 by providing information and assistance as a means of advancing in life, helping young people and developing their skills, capacities, and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals.”
bluegreylogo What’s your Side Effect? This page is about getting the facts about what to avoid so that you can be the happy healthy you that we know you can be. You have probably heard about all the typical stuff to avoid (drugs, alcohol, etc.) but even things like prescription drugs – the stuff that doctors prescribe – can get in the way.
teenink Teen Ink is devoted to helping teens share their own voices while developing reading, writing, creative and critical-thinking skills. All proceeds from the print magazine, website, and Teen Ink books are used for educational purposes to further our goals.
lethal What do you consider Lethal is an engaging and evidence-based campaign designed to help teens tackle the issue of reckless and distracted driving. Check out all the fantastic tools on this site and get involved!
mobile-menu-logo_2x The Ultimate Party Foul is a website that gives you tips on how NOT to have the ultimate party foul, which could be legal consequences or even death. Most party fouls, let’s face it, are pretty dumb. Sometimes they land you an unfortunate nickname, a nasty bruise, or make you the star of a few embarrassing snaps. But the damage usually ends there.

Underage drinking and driving, however, is a party foul with real consequences. Get busted, and you could pay fines, do community service, and lose your license. It’s the ultimate party foul.

sadd SADD is Students Against Destructive Decisions (formerly known as Students Against Drunk Driving). SADD’s mission is to empower young people to successfully confront the risks and pressures that challenge them in their daily lives. We accomplish this by creating, equipping, and sustaining a network of student-led chapters in schools and communities focused on peer-to-peer education. SADD fosters a sense of belonging and promotes resiliency, leadership and advocacy skills so that young people make positive life decisions.
ugly Hey U.G.L.Y Unique Gifted Lovable You! The mission of Hey U.G.L.Y is to give youth the self-esteem and empathetic tools they need to be their true selves and empower them to be part of the solution to bullying, youth suicide, and substance abuse.
break Break the Cycle inspires and supports young people to build healthy relationships and create a culture without abuse. Everyone has a right to a safe and healthy relationship, regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual identity.  We work every day to make that right a reality.
Accredited Schools Online is dedicated to student success. Whether K – 8, high school or college and beyond, we create in-depth, expert-driven guidebooks that tackle key academic and finance-related issues. Many of our guides also address important student health and safety concerns, or help student groups with specific educational and career goals find the information and resources they need to succeed.