Helen Keller said, “worse than not being able to see is not having a vision. Keep your dreams in front of you and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.”

All successful endeavors are built by someone with a vision. They face discouragement and set backs just like anyone else but they don’t let them stop them from accomplishing their goals.  What some see as obstacles and handicaps, others see as an opportunity!

Check out this inspiring video!

Positive Attitude

They say that a positive attitude doesn’t work every time. That is true, but a negative attitude does work every time! Here is a great story of Bethany Hamilton, the young surfer who had her arm bit off by a shark.  She could have easily chose a negative attitude. We can’t always control our circumstances in life but we can chose our attitude toward them.  We can’t control what other people say, think, or do to us. We should not let others dictate how are day goes.  The challenge is to look at each obstacle as an opportunity to learn and grow.  Each dark moment as an opportunity to shine. Look for the good in every day. You just might find it!   Also check out Bethany’s story in the video vault section of this site.

Never Give Up!


Autistic basketball player Jason McElwain has the game of his life.

Don’t be afraid to “fail”.

One of my favorite books is from John Maxwell called Failing Forward.  In this book John say that if we are going to fall, and we all do, then at least fall forward so when you get up you are closer to your goal.  Failing is an important part of success. We always teach that sometimes you win, sometimes you……learn! If we learn from our failures then we gained something that will help us win. Don’t be afraid to take risks because you might fail!


Teamwork. Together Everyone Achieves More!  Even though there is no “I” in team, it takes each person on a team to take personal responsibility for there effort, focus, and attitude. To achieve our greatest dreams, we cannot do it alone. Instead of tolerate then eliminate people from our lives because they think differently than us, we need to appreciate and celebrate those differences! We must be able to work, play, teach, and connect with all types of people.  Everyone is unique and created with special talents and gifts.  My challenge to you is to look at every person you meet as someone special who you can appreciate for who they are.  Treat everyone with respect. Look for the good.  Remember, we are all in this together!  Watch this video and read all the messages.  It is what thinking like a Champion is all about.

Teasing can be bullying!

It’s not nice to tease! Even though this is a funny video with a talking dog,  we need to be make sure we always treat others nice. Sometimes when people think they are just being funny, it really hurts the feelings of the other person.  Not everyone thinks the same way!  We all have different personalities and perspectives. Most conflict comes from miss interpretation of what someone else really meant, thus we need to consider how what we say may affect the other person and whether it needs to be said at all.  They say sticks and bones may break your bones but words can never harm you.  I don’t think that is true.  Words can hurt!  So pick them wisely.